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Letter to the Editor

Sunday, May 29, 2022


Our schools — as well as grocery stores, restaurants, religious organizations, and all other places — will never truly be safe until we insist that our elected officials finally do their jobs and pass background checks for all gun purchasers, raise the minimum age for gun purchases, and completely ban all assault weapons.

We can do this, folks. We in San Marcos love our children, families, and neighbors and want to protect them. Therefore, we must demand that our elected officials start representing us now. Our right to life must supersede any Second Amendment arguments. Fetuses’ rights to life do not end at birth but continue as babies grow into school students, then young adults, then older adults.

Gun safety is truly a right-to-life issue. Let’s act like it. And let’s demand, in no uncertain terms, that our elected officials finally do what we want: Protect us and our children. Now.

Karen Porter

San Marcos

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