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Letters to the Editor

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Abortion & Responsibility

Since none of us is God, man's laws may never finally determine whether abortion is moral or immoral until that time should arrive, perhaps the best we can do is exercise responsibility to avoid an unintended pregnancy. And keep in mind, the responsibility is not only that of the woman — it belongs to both parties — and perhaps also to their parents!

There are at least seven physical ways to address the issue, which I will not list here, but who those interested can research them.

However, if an unintended pregnancy results, additional issues arise: 1. What are the parties' respective rights if one party wishes to keep the child and the other party does not? 2. What are the child's rights? 3. If a pregnancy goes to term, the parties must address custody, visitation, child support, health insurance, the surname of the child, and whether the parties wish to cohabit, or marry, or place the child for adoption. 4. If the party is a college student, the pregnancy could impact their education. And 5., venereal disease is always a concern.

My thoughts emanate only from my 35 years as a family law attorney, and I pray they will not fall on deaf ears.

James D. Elshoff

San Marcos


What pleasure to read in the opinion page of the SMDR, Mr. Ezekiel Enriquez Sr.'s articles, especially Wednesday's on the subject of the San Marcos River problems. And I agree with him because the out-of-town investors, or global investors with tons of money, have not only ruined the natural beauty of our river and hill country, but have also caused a nightmarish engineering problem for the local traffic. However now the city and state, and federal government, will have a great opportunity to steal more land under some pretense and or claim eminent domain against property owners near the streets in order to widen them to ac commodate people coming from other high tax paying states. And please look at The once naturally beautiful Gate Way to our Hill Country. It has become one long continuous rock and gravel quarry all along Interstate 35. It's an open sore to remind us what our government and corporations value. Mr. Enriquez is right on target and he and I did see with our own eyes a wonderful gem in the natural state San Marcos was once in.

And in closing, there was a time in Texas when it boasted the best highways in the U.S.. Well, not anymore! So much for progress huh? Everything America turns out is no longer durable nor the best. And the poor keep losing their land and the schemers keep selling hollow promises and selling us snake oil. Thanks.


Ruben N. Gutierrez

San Marcos Record

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