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Letters to the Editor

Saturday, October 29, 2022


I have lived almost all my life in our beautiful San Marcos. More than once the fine people of our fire department have come to my rescue in life situations that I was unable to handle myself.

Thursday these fine honorable men again came to assist me when I found myself unable to handle circumstances beyond my control.

Please join me, fellow San Marcans, in thanking our fine, honorable firemen and police for the great work they do. As we sleep peacefully in our beds at night and go about our lives safely during the day, they stand ready to help when needed.

Laura Weatherford

San Marcos


The Lady Of Guadalupe Chapel/Virgen de Guadalupe Capilla is located on Roosevelt Street, it is a beautiful, historic building that has been the spiritual heart for generations within the Barrio de La Victoria in San Marcos.

The capilla is currently being considered for sale despite the need and historical significance to our community. This community treasure is located within one of the Mexican American, Indigenous Heritage Cultural Districts. Before COVID shut its doors, our capilla was used for catechism classes, prayer services and Masses throughout the week. It also served as a venue for weddings, funerals, memorial service and jamaicas.

The capilla was built by many of the residents of Barrio de la Victoria. Many of the early Mexican-American ancestors of San Marcos poured sweat equity and have spiritual and emotional investments strengthened into our sacred capilla. It holds historical and sentimental value for many.

We call on our community to help save this historic building from being sold by designating it a historic landmark and requesting St. John’s Catholic Church keep the chapel doors open so that future generations will have this sacred chapel available to them. Salva nuestra Capilla.

Christina Casas-Moreno

San Marcos

Dear Editor,

Biden and the Democrat policies have created record inflation & his Fed’s increasing interest rates are forcing us into a recession.

Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act doesn’t reduce inflation as the cost of food, gasoline and everything else rises.  It’s only hurting the hard working Americans because the rich can sustain it.

The border is out of control as more drugs are coming into our country with fentanyl killing hundreds of Americans each day.

The only thing the Democrats are delivering as they increase taxes and spend more of our money are inflation, interest rate hikes, market volatility, drained IRAs/401k’s and a recession.

Democrats only want you to be dependent upon the government and socialism does not work.


Wayne Becak

San Marcos

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