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Mexico invited the first Texans to live here

Letter to the Editor
Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Dear editor:

As usual, your Sunday editorial page was filled with partisan bias. Regarding the cartoon saying, with a racial slur, that Anglos should “go back where they came from,” perhaps somewhere you might find space to mention that the original American settlers in Texas were invited by the Mexican government, they didn’t enter in violation of Mexican law. In the hysteria about “separating families” you might mention that the U.S. President takes an oath to uphold the law. The pictures of little kids behind wire barriers so popular with the partisan “news” sources were taken during the Obama administration. Why were there no objections then? And how about showing some pictures of the barriers set up along Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala. Why is that acceptable, while any protection of our border is condemned as “racist?” If they believe in it so, why doesn’t Mexico open its borders to all Central Americans and give them asylum, instead of simply shipping then north and expecting us to accept them and support them? The next time some wacko protests that the whole southwest was “stolen” from Mexico, how about pointing out that the Mexican government sold that land to America, just as France sold the Mississippi valley, and for the same reason: they needed the money. Of course, with Texas there was a revolution. If someone wants to say that a revolution isn’t valid, then for consistency they surely would also have to claim that Mexico should still belong to Spain, and Massachusetts should still belong to England.

Alfred Borm

San Marcos

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