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Politics over compassion for State Sen. Donna Campbell?

Letter to the Editor
Sunday, April 14, 2019

It is with disappointment that I read that State Sen. Donna Campbell is cosponsoring legislation that would prohibit cities from funding any health institution or clinic that performed abortions, even if it is a small part of their overall activities.

I too am opposed to abortions and respect the sanctity of life. However I also realize that not every person reflects my views. Women, in desperation will seek abortions by any means available even if that means a back alley abortion or abortions performed by the unqualified in less than safe, clean conditions. Dr. Campbell may be too young to remember the times when abortions were prohibited in Texas. But I have helped care for women who presented with severe infections or sepsis on the verge of kidney failure or death from having sought abortions in less than ideal conditions. We already have legislation that could force more women into these situations. The bill she sponsors would make this even worse. How could one justify forcing women to choose the severe risks for the sake of pursuing votes from the conservative factor. Is political ambition winning out over the compassion and care that we as physicians are supposed to practice?

Logic and experience will also tell you that you will prevent more abortions by funding established institutions such as Planned Parenthood who provide much more activity in the way of offering contraception and preventing pregnancies than a small part of their funding that goes into abortions

Also, once again, the Republicans who are supposed to stand for less government interference in local politics are willing to abandon their principal when it suits them. A bit of hypocrisy.

A. Ray Jacobson, M.D.

San Marcos, Texas

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