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Seeking transparency on SMART projects

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Dear San Marcos Neighbors, Planning and Zoning Commission, and City Council, We, the undersigned, have concerns about the proposed changes to the SMART terminal and hope that you consider the following when making your final vote: The potential for environmental harm on a large scale without meaningful accountability measures to protect or reimburse nearby neighbors and the river.

The impact this will have on nearby small business as well as organic farms and ecotourism.

The lack of an end-user identified to ensure the jobs this development creates pays meaningful wages and has a good reputation as an employer.

The concerns that increased traffic brings increased risk of semi-truck or train related accidents and casualties, as well as delays to emergency response needs in the area.

Lastly, the concern that not enough public input was gathered, due to the nature of the changes and how this project was amended to a size doubling the original agreement.

Please know that we realize projects like this can transform communities, we just want to make sure it brings change for the better. We ask that you hear us out, slow down the project, reconsider providing carte blanche Heavy Industrial zoning for the entire 2017 acres, and ensure that the river and our neighbors are protected. Do not let the already approved portions of this project create a “sunk cost fallacy” wherein you feel obligated to accept this as inevitable. We can negotiate for a better product, and we the undersigned have faith that you all will make the right call now that you have heard our concerns.

Signed: Frank Arredondo David Sergi Bobbie Garza-Hernandez Gloria Salazar Miguel Arredondo Maria Rocha Gabrielle Moore Jonafa Banbury Dr. Ana Juarez Maxfield Baker

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