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SMART terminal will allow Rattlers to stay in town

Letter to the Editor
Sunday, January 27, 2019

Dear fellow San Marcos residents,

Attention San Marcos Rattler parents, who would like their children to grow up and, find good paying jobs and stay in San Marcos?

The San Marcos city council SMART Terminal vote will choose between a San Marcos future where our adult children and grandchildren live nearby and are present for life’s most important events, or a future where you can only Skype with your grandkids living in a far off city. Giving young Rattlers the opportunity stay in San Marcos after graduation is what our city council will be voting on when they vote up or down on San Marcos’s SMART Terminal.

I’m writing today to encourage my fellow residents to speak up to our city leaders and tell them we want our children to have great job opportunities right here in San Marcos.

The San Marcos SMART terminal vote is about a $109 million dollar investment in an air, rail and truck terminal that will bring over 500 new, good paying jobs to San Marcos. The vote will determine if those jobs come to San Marcos, or if some other lucky city will get weekends with their children and grand children.

Legitimate concerns have been raised about the terminal’s drainage impact. That is a great question, but it is a technical, civil engineering question that’s already been answered by the San Marcos city staff who have recommended approval of the SMART Terminal. Today’s civil engineering standards are much higher and sophisticated than 25 or 50 years ago. Everyday we trust our lives to engineering much more complex than simply building an industrial and manufacturing terminal. I trust our city’s staff and engineering standards to insure this terminal is built properly. Let’s let the engineers do their jobs and bring these 500 new jobs to San Marcos.

So, unless you only want to see your grandchildren twice a year on holidays and only hear about life’s big moments by phone, you need to let our city leaders know that we want a YES vote to make the SMART Terminal a reality.


Will Holder

San Marcos

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