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Some of NRA letter writer’s points valid

Letter to the Editor
Wednesday, August 15, 2018


My letter below is in response to the letter published on August 5, 2018, titled, “More defense of the NRA.”

The writer makes some valid points regarding the NRA. I am also a member of the NRA as well as some family and friends … we have never been approached by the NRA to purchase firearms. The NRA is doing its best to support our 2nd Amendment rights, along with firearm safety, firearm training, firearm education, et al. I suggest to those that are assuming what the NRA is about should research the NRA’s history.

The writer’s comments regarding Dr. Jacobson’s Letter to the Editor, dated July 15, 2018 are correct as mass shootings are about mental illness which is the root cause.  Dr. Jacobson was confused about the root cause and definition of assault weapons as others seem to be. To see an explanation about both topics, go to the San Marcos Daily Record archives, dated March 18, 2018 and read my Letter to the Editor, “What really causes mass shootings.”

I would like to comment on the writer’s counter argument to Dr. Jacobson’s comment, “there is less crime along Mexican and Central American immigrants than among the general population.”  Dr. Jacobson’s comment is correct, but it is not all rosy as it sounds. Yes, based on the total estimated illegal aliens in the U.S. the crime rate is confirmed to be lower than the general U.S. population. That being the case, what is so great about their crime rate being lower … If they weren’t in our country that crime rate would be “zero.” Now think-it-over … does that justify them being here?

For the doubters about illegal alien crime and those basing their thought process on emotion, go to the Website below to see the staggering illegal alien crime rate statistics for just the State of Texas.

Steve Koenig

San Marcos

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