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Photo by Gerald Castillo

On-court fight forces early end to San Marcos, Akins game

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Officials called an early end to Tuesday night’s girls’ basketball game between San Marcos and Austin Akins after an on-court brawl broke out between the teams midway through the fourth quarter.

“It's really disappointing in a 40-point game that it ends in the fashion that it did end,” San Marcos athletic director John Walsh said. “It’s real embarrassing. No matter who's at fault or what the video shows, it's embarrassing, and we're gonna evaluate and make decisions. There'll be a UIL decision and there will be a local decision. It’ll be quick and swift.” 

Photo by DeShaun Hartley

The Lady Rattlers led the Lady Eagles 79-25 with 4:12 remaining in the game when the fight began. Players from both benches rushed the court and punches were thrown. Fans from the stands also ran onto the floor before officials, coaches, administrators and law enforcement could separate the sides.

The fight spoiled both teams’ regular season finale and San Marcos’ Senior Night. Four seniors for the purple and white — Vivian Hernandez, Adelia Pierson, Angelina Sotelo and Chelsea Williams — were recognized before the game tipped off.

San Marcos head coach Jermaine Ervin was not made available following Tuesday’s game.

Walsh noted that suspensions will be a possibility and could take effect before San Marcos’ playoff game — the Lady Rattlers clinched a postseason berth prior to Tuesday’s game. According to Walsh, the team “may look completely different” as players involved in the fight as well as anyone clearing the bench during the brawl will likely miss time. UIL officials will make a decision on the situation after the film is reviewed this week, Walsh added.

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