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Rattler Seniors sign Letters of Intent to play at the next level

Kutter Gage Webb and Reagan Chomel are surrounded by their teammates and coaches as they sign the dotted line. Webb signed with Texas State while Chomel signed with Western Texas College.
Photos submitted by Brittany Webb

Rattler Seniors sign Letters of Intent to play at the next level
Rattler Seniors sign Letters of Intent to play at the next level

Kutter Gage Webb and Reagan Chomel celebrate their signings with their coaches.
Photos submitted by Brittany Webb

Rattler Seniors sign Letters of Intent to play at the next level

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Two Rattler baseball seniors signed on the dotted line to continue both their athletic and academic careers as Kutter Gage Webb signed with Texas State and Reagan Chomel signed with Western Texas College.

With the two teammates having played with one another before high school, it was a special moment both seniors will not forget.

“Being able to sign with Reagan was cool,” Kutter Gage Webb said. “We grew up playing [baseball] together when we were young. … To sign with Reagan was the best part of it.”

Chomel agreed. Signing with [Kutter Gage] was a fun experience,” Chomel said. “We grew up together playing select ball all throughout the years.”

Head Coach Brian Webb was proud of the two seniors as they signed with their respective schools.

“I’m glad to be part of their life,” Brian Webb said. “I’ve had them for four years, especially these guys. I’ve seen them grow up so it was special to see them to that next level knowing you had an impact on their life somewhere.'

Webb and Chomel are just the one of the handful of players that have signed on to play baseball at the next level over the past few years.

Since taking over the program, Brian Webb has seen several players play at the next level and even the professional level with David Hamilton Jr. making his Major League debut with the Boston Red Sox last season.

“It’s just carrying on a tradition,” Brian Webb said. “We signed nine guys last year and some guys the year before. It’s a good thing these guys are keeping the baseball story alive.”

Signing with the Bobcats, Kutter Gage Webb was excited to sign with the school he grew up with all of his life.

“Texas State is the hometown school,” Kutter Gage Webb said. “The coaches and the facilities are great and the team is getting there.”

On choosing Texas State, the answer was simple: San Marcos is home.

“I know the place back and forth,” Kutter Gage Webb said. “I know all the backroads to get around all the traffic. Mainly it’s because both my parents live here. They will be able to watch me easily right down the road and be able to sleep in their own bed before every game. Just staying in San Marcos where I grew up and lived since I was six months old is cool.”

As for Chomel, Western Texas College was the place to be.

“To commit with Western Texas and sign the dotted line was a great experience,” Chomel said. “It’s a small town just how I like it. The coaches are wonderful and the staff and facilities are great. It’s a family program over there.”

Despite being located in West Texas, after visiting both the school and team, Chomel felt he found a place he can call home.

“When I got the call, it was two weeks out,” Chomel said. “They wanted to come visit so my parents wanted to drive me up there if I wanted to go. We got there the night before and drove around the town. We had dinner in some little pub that had a few people in there, and I started to fall in love with the town. We took the tour the next morning, and I fell in love with the weight room, field and the facilities. The coaching staff made it feel like home.”

With the Wranglers baseball program having a proud tradition, Chomel knew this was the school to help him improve on his talents to move on in his baseball career.”

“[Western Texas College] has a reputation for getting people to the next level,” Chomel said. “The plan is to play there for two years and transfer over to a Florida school. … That is what ultimately made my decision to get better for the next two years. At the D1 level, I felt like I had to sit but I wanted to play out of high school.”

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