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Andrew Zimmel is a Texas State alum who released his first book about how to survive the world of sports radio.
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TXST Alum publishes book on sports radio

Friday, June 30, 2023

Andrew Zimmel, an accomplished radio professional and proud Texan, announces the launch of his highly anticipated book, The Sports Radio Bible. This comprehensive guide, born from Zimmel’s passion for sports broadcasting, aims to provide invaluable insights and tools for aspiring young radio professionals and sports enthusiasts.

With a lifelong love for sports and a natural talent for communication, Zimmel embarked on a journey in radio at an early age. Through dedication and perseverance, he gained experience in various roles within the industry, eventually working in the top 40 radio markets.

The Sports Radio Bible is a culmination of Zimmel’s extensive knowledge and experience, offering practical guidance for success in the dynamic world of sports radio. Within its pages, readers will discover:

• Insights into how to start a career in sports broadcasting, including what type of education one might need, how to network and what goes into making a demo tape that will get you recognized.

• Strategies for building a personal brand, enabling radio hosts to establish an authentic on-air persona, connect with listeners, and cultivate a devoted fanbase.

• Navigating the ever- evolving media landscape, with a focus on leveraging social media integration, podcasting, and digital platforms to expand reach and engage a broader audience.

• Expert advice on conducting insightful interviews with athletes, coaches, and sports personalities, uncovering compelling stories and unique perspectives.

Zimmel’s passion for sports, broadcasting, and the power of storytelling shines through in The Sports Radio Bible. This must-read resource caters to sports enthusiasts, radio professionals, and individuals aspiring to enter the thrilling world of sports radio.

Zimmel is a writer, podcaster and accomplished radio host from Bandera, TX. Graduating with a B.S. in Electronic Media from Texas State University in 2020, Zimmel has contributed to digital and print publications and hosted several college football podcasts.

His career began in Austin, Texas as a producer and podcast host, ultimately leading him to North Dakota, where he currently serves as the Sports Director for his radio station.

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