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Above, Los Vega's picadillo plate — s stewed ground beef with onions, potatoes and jalapenos served with a side of refried beans, rice, guacamole and flour tortillas. Below, Los Vega's beef enchiladas served with refried beans and rice.  Daily Record photo by Nick Castillo & Lance Winter

Foodie Friday: Los Vega

Thursday, August 5, 2021

There’s a saying — “No one ever leaves a Mexican Restaurant in a bad mood.”

It’s understandable. Where else are you greeted with crispy chips — red or green salsa — and maybe some silky smooth queso … just to get your appetite humming?

San Marcos is flush with great Mexican cuisine. In downtown sits a quaint Mexican bistro, Los Vega that serves up delectable dishes to an eager fan base, and it’s easy to see why.

On the day of our visit, I opted for enchiladas. Did you know enchiladas originated in Mexico? It was a practice of rolling tortillas around other foods and dates to the time of the Maya. Heck, the enchilada even has its own day on the calendar — May 5. 

With that said, who am I to argue over such a wonderful tradition? Besides, I figure if you can’t make good enchiladas then you’re not going to be in business long. 

In short order two beef enchiladas arrived at our table and they were awesome. They were well seasoned stuffed full of beef topped with golden goodness that was the cheese. The dish came with what one would expect, refried beans and Mexican rice. For under $9 bucks I thought it was a good deal. 

My dining companion selected the picadillo. This dish has with minimal ingredients but doesn’t lack in flavor. It came with ground beef and potatoes that had been simmering in a tomato sauce. It was served with some rice, guacamole, and fresh flour tortillas. In a word — delicious.

The restaurant has daily lunch specials so you may want to call ahead.

If you go:

Los Vega is located at  315 W San Antonio St in San Marcos.

The restaurant is open 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. seven days a week.

Phone: 512-392-8484

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