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While San Marcos’ population has grown by leaps and bounds, the city says water consumption has increased about two percent per year over the past decade. Daily Record photo by Lance Winter

Municipal water usage is growing, but at a steady rate

Top Consumers
Friday, August 17, 2018

In a single year the average American residence uses more than 100,000 gallons of water, inside and outside their homes. 

So it should come as no surprise as San Marcos grows, water consumption has increased, too.

Over the last 10 years water usage has grown at a steady 2 percent each year, according to Jon Clack, assistant director of Public Services for the city’s Water and Wastewater Utilities.

But despite the increase, San Marcos residents and businesses have been good stewards regarding their consumption.

“Along with the growth, the city’s Gallon Per Capita Day (GPCD) usage has remained between 111-117,” Clack said. “The GPCD goal for water usage set by the state of Texas is 140 GPCD. The city is also expanding the use of reclaimed water to help reduce the usage of drinking water for large scale irrigation and industrial needs.”

 The top 10 commercial water consumers last year were:

1) Hays Energy - 182,500,000 gallons; cost $286,113.80 

2) Brookfield residential - 139,434,978 gallons; cost $191,488.44

3) City of San Marcos – 67,814,061 gallons; cost $628,405.26 

4) TXI – Hunter Cement PO 888873 – 61,873,100 gallons; cost $75,411.24

5) Texas State University – 37,916,973 gallons; cost $345,766.20

6) Copper Beech Townhomes 29 LLC – 33,463,349 gallons; cost $276,596.96

7) The Retreat – 27,029,636 gallons; cost $220,597.64

8) MTC Gary Job Corp – 24,398,111 gallons; cost $246,903.56

9) NRP Contractors LLC – 22,386,536 gallons; cost $185,545,68

10) San Marcos Factory Shops – 20,762,809 gallons; cost $172,298.43

According to Clack, the city’s water and wastewater treatment plants are performing well within their design and no immediate plans are being made to increase treatment capacities in the future.

“The water distribution and wastewater collections systems will continue to expand to meet the growth of the city,” Clack added. “The Alliance Regional Water Authority (ARWA), which the city of San Marcos is a member of, is implementing plans to bring additional water to our area of Central Texas. As part of the ARWA, the city will add approximately 12,000-acre feet of water to its existing 15,433-acre feet within the next 10 to 15 years.”

That’s a whopping 3,910,212,000 gallons of water. For comparison the Houston Astrodome can hold 320,000,000 gallons of water. 

Clack reminds resident while the area has experienced some precipitation recently, San Marcos is still experiencing below average rainfall, and the city remains at a Stage 2 water restrictions. 

“As always, water conservation remains a high priority for San Marcos’ citizens,” Clack said. 

“The San Marcos River flow is important to both the community and the endangered species that depend on the spring flow.” and Twitter @Lancewinter

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