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Reasons to not make New Year’s Resolutions

If I hear that “New Year, New You” tagline one more time during the holidays, I am going to go crazy. By making a resolution for a whole year, you could be setting yourself up for failure because you have a lot of time to either make or break a resolution. I know there are a lot of people, including myself, who don’t have enough self discipline to make the resolutions last a whole year. Making a resolution and trying to hold yourself accountable for it for a whole year is overwhelming and will often times make you feel like a failure simply because you have a lot of time to either make the resolution work or to try and fail.

Cold enough for you?

I won’t hazard a guess as to whether it achieves immortality like “grassy knoll” or “hanging chads,” but surely the phrase “bomb cyclone storm” will remain in the public consciousness of those who endured its cruelties.

Christmas isn't always holly jolly – even some of its best-loved songs are bittersweet

(THE CONVERSATION) In American culture, Christmas is supposed to be synonymous with joy. The familiar carols proclaim this message, with “Joy to the World” resounding in thousands of churches, while its secular counterpart exhorts listeners to have “A Holly Jolly Christmas.”

When the holidays are hard

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” However, for many of us, the holidays are the hardest part of the year. We suffer with loneliness, isolation, depression and grief. Some of us may have lost very close family members, lost a marriage, or lost a job. These losses can lead to extreme loneliness. With such excessive loneliness, we tend to isolate. We avoid holiday parties and making friends. If we make friends, we are scared that we would lose them just like we lost our family members.

Christmas lights: a judgmental guide

One of my fondest childhood memories of Christmas in the 1970’s was riding around in the family station wagon, “Bessie,” to look at Christmas lights while I whined to my parents about needing a snack – again. There was something magical about a familiar evening landscape transformed to a radiant wonderland at the expense of someone’s lumbar spine.


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