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Corporate welfare policies

Thank you for the comprehensive news article published in the Record on March 2 about continuing tax incentives and rebates to corporations that are interested in relocating or expanding in Texas. Left out of the discussion is whether such corporate welfare is good public policy. Over two decades ago, Time magazine published a lengthy investigative report that demonstrated that such corporate welfare does little, if anything, for communities and school districts. Such corporations regularly fail to fully honor the agreements to hire new employees at good wages or invest in local communities at specified rates.

Challenging Gov. Abbott’s school voucher plans

Dear Editor: I’ve been following the Texas school voucher story very closely and appreciate your front page piece about it in today’s (Feb. 24) San Marcos Daily Record. However, as enlightening as the article was, and despite everything else I’ve read about it, I’m still scratching my head, wondering just what problem Governor Greg Abbott’s proposed education savings accounts, or school vouchers, or whatever the latest buzz words attached to them, are intended to fix.

Teen Drama, Teen Trauma

The following article is part four of a four-week series focusing on raising awareness about dating violence. February is Dating Violence Awareness month, and we hope to educate our community on this very important issue. 1 in 3 young people will experience dating violence in their lifetime.


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