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Dogs vs. Daughters

My adult life has been full of transitions–from single to married, from childlessness to fatherhood, and from virile coolness to cringey blobfish. I now find myself in the midst of a change from occupying a nest literally bursting with hatchlings frantically pecking at my wallet to now watching one last teenage fledgling perched on the edge of a limb and hoping I don’t do anything embarrassing.

Unjustifiable, inhumane jail transfers could be solved by reducing pretrial detention

Hays County Commissioners Court agreed on Aug 16 to spend $3.65 million a year for the next four years to transfer people incarcerated at our jail to the Haskell County Jail in North Texas some 4.5 hours away. Haskell County Jail is a private facility owned by LaSalle Corrections West — a subsidiary of LaSalle Corrections who has been embroiled in lawsuits since its inception.

Letters to the Editor

Editor, On the 28th of August, I fell on the concrete sidewalk going into the Sketchers store at the outlet mall. No one from the store came to help me. Luckily, a retired police officer and a retired Army Colonel stopped the bleeding and helped me calm down. They stayed with me until the EMS arrived. My thanks go to all. Our country’s cities are disintegrating but San Marcos still has people who are kind and caring. This the America that I know and love.


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