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Koi live longer lives than most fish, an average of 30 years, though the oldest of its species, Koi Hanako, died at the age of 226 years old. Free use photo

Exploring Nature: Life Spans

Most birds have relatively short lives, with 15 years being a good life span. A few, however, do much better; macaws exist from 60 to 80 years, for example. Probably

San Marcos Academy Student Ambassadors  will be serving lunch and greeting guests at this week's lunch at the Charles S. Cock House Museum. Submitted photo

Cottage Kitchen Luncheon

Student ambassadors from San Marcos Academy will host lunch at the Charles S. Cock House Museum, located at 400 E. Hopkins Street, from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Nov. 9. 

The home of Susan and Larry Hanson on Deerwood Drive, the Spring Lake Garden Club's November Yard of the Month, is lush, green and wild with native trees, shrubs and plants abounding. Photos courtesy of the Spring Lake Garden Club

A wildscape takes root

After 40 years, Susan and Larry Hanson’s yard on Deerwood Drive has morphed from a landscape into a wildscape, composed of mature native Texas trees, shrubs and flowering perennials offering

Fall is the best time to plant most trees and shrubs; the cool air and warm soil temperatures are the perfect combination for establishment and most trees are entering a period of dormancy, so energy will transfer into their roots and storing nutrients and resources for the cool months ahead. Remeber to make the planting hole two to three times wider than the current root ball, but not any deeper than the plant was growing in its previous environment. Photo courtesy of Joe Urbach

Growth in gardening: Fall is Tree Time

I love gardening. I enjoy the fresh air, physical activity, mental stimulation, constant change and more. Autumn is a great time to become re-inspired to get outside and do some