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Buck Winn's self-designed home in Wimberley was recently recognized as a National Historical District. Winn built the house next to a large oak tree that now acts a centerpiece in the front courtyard. Photos by Gary Zupancic

Buck Winn's home named National Historic District

It truly is a national treasure, the house with a curved wall of glass overlooking a patch of land that used to be a busy airstrip, a kitchen wall with

Most of us see weeds as an unwanted scourge on the landscape. But weeds have many uses including being used as a green manure crop, for composting or as a healthy addition to meals. Above left, a path of purslane pops up in the cracks in concrete. Photo courtesy of Joe Urbach

Growth in gardening: Growing weeds on purpose

I have had a lifetime of gardening experience and in all that time, I only considered weeds in terms of how I could get rid of them. I had looked