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Maximiliano Morales, Chilean agricultural engineer and founder of, has been working to restore abandoned and failing Chilean vineyards growing rare grapes and now he's looking for Texas investors. Photo courtesy of AgroWine Lab

Chilean vine restoration looks for Texas investors

Maximiliano Morales, agricultural engineer and founder of, presented 17 years of research of the vineyards in Patagonia onboard a National Geographic Explorer Expedition Ship in the Chilean Fjords last

Volunteer Claudia Reyes and PATH certified physical therapist Suzanne Braden walk on either side of Jude Gates, 5, as they situate his legs properly on his horse during his riding session at RED Arena. The nonprofit works to empower children and adults with disabilities through equine-assisted therapies, therapeutic riding lessons, job training programs and other activities. Daily Record photos by Denise Cathey

Empowerment through equine-assisted therapy

San Marcos is no longer a one horse town. RED Arena, an equine-assisted therapy and therapeutic riding lessons nonprofit, has officially opened its doors and services to the greater San

The Montezuma Oropendola, a bird named after the Aztec ruler in the 1500s, Motezuma, who was a known bird enthusiast. Photo by Paulo Philippidis/Flickr

Exploring Nature: Montezuma

Even though he had some bad habits and was capable of great cruelty, I still feel a sympathetic fondness for Montezuma, the head of the Aztec nation back in the

Central Texas couple Allen and Cheryl Espinosa are one of 29 people in the world to own a 2018 Hot Wheels Camaro. Allen Espinosa and his crew chief Albert Leal stand next to the drag racing car. Daily Record photos by Gary Zupancic

Central Texas couple wins life-size Hot Wheels

If you are of a certain age, and liked cars as a kid, chances are Hot Wheels was one of your main interests. Matchbox were the first small toy cars

Narcissus (left), specifically the paperwhite narcissus, and holly (right) are the birth flowers of December. They both symbolize good wishes, faithfulness and respect. Photos courtesy of Joe Urbach

Growth in gardening: December Birth Flower

Flower symbolism is an interesting way to discover more about your personality and character. Flowers have been important symbols in our lives for centuries and we used them to beautify