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a As parents scramble to make decisions about the 2020/2021 school year, stores stock the appropriate supplies for students, whether or not they will be returning to a traditional classroom this fall. Photo by Jason Cook

Webinar to address questions about various education options for next school year

Several months ago, if a person asked about homeschool, the term carried a very different connotation from what it does today. As something that began as a fringe movement among church organizations to combine education with religion, homeschooling has been thrust into the mainstream when the coronavirus drastically altered the face of education this spring.

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Angelface Perfectly Pink angelonia, and Whirlwind Blue scaevola create a wonderful three part or triadic harmony. Photo by Norman Winter

Lemon Coral Sedum: Tough as nails in this sweltering heat

Every year most of us hit that period where the heat crosses over from hot to oppressive and we know the tough season for our plants has arrived. In much of the country it arrived early and there is one plant that if it could talk would say, what heat? This plant is Lemon Coral sedum and its botanical name Sedum mexicanum gives clear indication from where its rugged nature derives.

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Above, Industry's Smoked Chicken Tacos — a hearty serving of smoked chicken with mango hot sauce, cilantro, red cabbage, avocado crema and cotija cheese on a corn tortilla served with chips and salsa verde. Below, Industry's Smoked Salmon Burger — smoked salmon with tomato, chipotle aioli, pickled onions, greens and poblano ranch served with chips and salsa verde. Also, featured, crispy fries topped with Parmesan cheese and served with smoked ketchup.  Daily Record photos by Nick Castillo

Foodie Friday: Industry

With a flavorful menu, plenty of libations on tap and an atmosphere that pays homage to owners Harlan Scott and Cody Taylor’s extensive service industry experience, Industry has carved its spot amo

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Newborn bat of Lesser short-nosed fruit bat (Cynopterus brachyotis). Captured within 12 hours from the birth. Photo by Anton / CC BY-SA (

Exploring Nature: Bats

Bats have had some bad publicity lately, what with tales of a deadly virus starting in a Chinese “wet” market, where, among other delectables, bats were served up as food.

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The Journey Continues: Fred Barnard

My journey this week takes me to the ministry of visitation and its importance during this pandemic. In my Pastoral class at Seminary, I remember two points about hospital visitation: “Don’s sit on the bed and don’t stay longer than 15 minutes.” When I was hospitalized years later, I understood the importance of this guidance when a friend of mind came in the room with a coffee pot and a bedroll!


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