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Exploring Nature
Exploring Nature

“Rodents of Unusual Size? I don’t think they exist.” Wesley, from the Princess Bride. Graphic from Metro Creative

Exploring Nature: The Big Rat

The people who live on Isla Natividad, a wide stretch of sand off Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, are proud of the island’s many birds. There are auklets, cormorants, pelicans, ospreys and herons, just to name a few.


Savory, salty, sweet: The Farm Prosciutto Sandwich with dried mission fig, asiago, mortadella, champignon and black truffle aioli is a favorite among staff and diners alike. Photos by Jason Cook

Crave-able: Radish & Dill brings fresh, sustainable, farm-to-table cuisine to San Marcos

Many believe that home begins with food. It’s rooted into our family life and our culture. It brings people together, simultaneously providing nourishment for our bodies and stimulation for our minds.

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Above, Durango's Mexican Restaurant's migas plate — scrambled eggs combined with corn chips, onions, tomatoes and jalapenos topped with cheese served with beans, potatoes and two homemade flour tortillas. Below, Durango's enchilda plate — two beef enchildas topped with chile con queso, rice and beans. Daily Record photos by Nick Castillo & Lance Winter

Foodie Friday: Durango's Mexican Restaurant

In a quest to expand our horizons beyond San Marcos, this week’s Foodie Friday took us to Wimberley where we sampled Durango’s Mexican Restaurant. 

Toasty Goodness

A versatile favorite, grilled cheese sandwiches can feature a variety of breads and cheese. Photo by Metro Creative

Toasty Goodness

A grilled cheese sandwich is a simple pleasure enjoyed by children and adults alike. Knowing how to create a delicious grilled cheese sandwich is a handy skill. Even though the sandwich may seem simple, there are some tricks to the trade to achieve a golden, crispy-on-the-outside, gooey-on-the-inside finished product.

Hays County Master Gardeners hosts annual plant and tree sale

HCMGA members will bring plantings and transplants from their home gardens to sell at the annual Fall Plant and Tree Sale, which will be held this year online and in person. Submitted photo

Hays County Master Gardeners hosts annual plant and tree sale

Hays County Master Gardeners will hold its annual Fall Plant and Tree Sale online and in-person this year. The HCMGA members are putting their expertise to work to bring their finest plantings and transplants from their own home gardens. Texas Superstar, Texas native and adapted perennials, grasses, shrubs, trees and succulents will be for sale.

Belgian Mums thrill with fall performance

Pumpkins, gourds and mums give a festive look to this raised flower bed.

Belgian Mums thrill with fall performance

Orange Atlantico Belgian Mum and Croton. Photos by Norman Winter

Belgian Mums thrill with fall performance

Belgian Mums thrill with fall performance

After a long, brutally hot summer, two tropical storms and a hurricane, one could use a little perk up and no plant brings cheer like the chrysanthemum. Cooler temperatures partnered with a few mum containers with flowers numbering in the thousands will boost your spirits like few other plants.

The Journey Continues

The Journey Continues: Spiritual Choice

My journey this week is about the role of spiritual choice in our lives. I found a news clipping saved years ago from The Baptist Standard. Dr. Foy Valentine, then executive director of the Christian Life Com mission of the Southern Baptist Convention, wrote: “We hear so much, it seems, about what religion is AGAINST. What we sometimes lose sight of is what religion should be FOR.” “Religion is a life-transforming relationship with the Lord God resulting in a life-expanding relationship of service to others following the example of Jesus, our Savior,” Valentine said. “For Christians,” he said, “pure religion is living in the conviction that:


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