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Female blue-footed boobies pick mates by the blueness of their feet and the darker the blue, the better chance for copulation. Free use photo

Exploring Nature: Bird Arousal

It’s hard to tell what will arouse a female bird and cause her to mate. A female peahen looks long and hard at the tail feathers of the male peacock.

James Lindsley as French King Philip squares off with Blake Latz as Richard the Lionheart in the  production of "The Lion in Winter." Dr. Rodger Marion, the Wimberley Players' dramaturge and current assistant director of the show "The Lion in Winter," works to ensure that plays performed by the Wimberley Players are authentic to the customs, costumes and language of the time periods they take place in. Photo by Mary Rath

Rodger Ruins Everything

It’s action movie night and two characters are setting up for sword play. You hear that electrifying, shivery, metal-on-metal "zzwiing" and you know the battle is on.

Adamson Brothers Design (ABD) Furniture – founded by brothers Dane, Spencer and Luke Adamson – launched their flagship table, Fern. The Fern table is a coffee table that also serves as a planter. Photo courtesy of  ABD Furniture

ABD Furniture releases one-of-a-kind Fern Table

Adamson Brothers Design (ABD) Furniture has launched their flagship table, Fern; the coffee table that also serves as a planter – combining functionality with beauty.

The San Marcos Convention and Visitor Bureau Board will be serving lunch at this week's Cottage Kitchen Luncheon.

Cottage Kitchen Luncheon

The San Marcos Convention and Visitor Bureau Board will host lunch at the Charles S. Cock House Museum, located at 400 E. Hopkins Street, from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Nov. 30. 

Lone Star Brewing Company is partnering up with Jess Pryles, creator of Hardcore Carnivore, as an official spokesperson and advocate for live fire cooking in Texas. Photo courtesy of Boutique PR

Lone Star celebrates Texas live fire cooking

Lone Star Brewing Co., the brewer behind Lone Star Beer and Lone Star Texas Light, today announced its partnership with Jess Pryles, creator of Hardcore Carnivore, as an official spokesperson and a

Mendez Elementary fifth grade student Jon Stark Jr. plays his violin at the first performance of the Fiddle Sticks program at Goodnight Middle School last Thursday. Daily Record photos by Lance Winter

Fiddle Sticks: The gift of music for life

This was the first year for San Marcos CISD’s pilot program Fiddle Sticks, an after school program for fifth grade students that offers large and small group instruction of fundamental

Bronson Norris Murphy as the Phantom, and Meghan Picerno as Christine Daaé star in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s sequel to "The Phantom of the Opera," "Love Never Dies." Photos by Joan Marcus

'Love Never Dies:'A feast for the eyes & ears

Though “Phantom of the Opera” is the longest-running show on Broadway, and its characters – Christine, Raoul and the Phantom – are some of the most beloved and recognizable in the history of the me

Hays County Food Bank interns Miguel Madrid, Genevieve McNeil and  Marjorie Cantrell sport matching turkey outfits to help keep spirits high during the annual boxing day for the holiday meal boxes at Night Hawk Frozen Foods, Inc. Daily Record photos by Denise Cathey

Little Guys Movers help tackle hunger

Thanksgiving is called “turkey day” for a reason — it’s just not quite the same without that big bird at the center of the table.

Large crowds for holiday festivities can have any host in a hurry. Preparing ahead and finding simple recipes, like this turkey with roasted grape gastrique, can help relieve the pressure. Photos courtesy of Omaha Steaks

A guide for gathering for the holidays

(Family Features) Gearing up for a crowd at your holiday festivities can provide moments of excitement, stress, fun and plenty of other emotions as the big dinner draws near.