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17 year old San Marcos resident named Hays Youth Poet Laureate

The article “City Approves Buc-ee's Incentives, Now To County” published on March 7, incorrectly stated that the San Marcos City Council voted unanimously in favor of the incentive agreement. The vote was 5-1 in favor of the agreement with Councilmember Alyssa Garza voting against. Councilmember Saul Gonzales was absent. The story has been corrected online. We apologize for the error.

County enters partnership to protect the Blanco River and Cypress Creek

With various river towns across Hays County, protecting those natural resources is of top importance to residents. With that in mind, the Hays County Commissioners voted unanimously to form a new interlocal agreement with the city of Wimberley, the city of Woodcreek, The Watershed Association and the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment in order to implement the Blanco Cypress Watershed Protection Plan.

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Graphic courtesy of the city of San Marcos

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The projected site of Buc-ees would be south of Yarrington Road on the west side of Interstate 35.
Graphic courtesy of the city of San Marcos

Council supports incentives for new Buc-ee's

The famous beaver could be coming to San Marcos, and he’s bringing with him sweets, treats, restrooms and anything else an Interstate 35 traveler may need. The San Marcos City Council voted unanimously in favor of an Economic Development Incentive Agreement with Buc-ee’s San Marcos, LLC., which will provide incentives in the form of refunds of 50% of sales taxes generated by the company over 15 years for the construction of a new Buc-ee’s Travel Center along IH-35 south of Yarrington Road at the regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday. This vote was on the first of two readings, so it is not yet final.

Council moves plan for single-use container ban forward

Litter is a major problem in the river. One of the biggest culprits is empty cans. Any river rat can tell you that you will likely find at least two to three of them if you spend an hour wading in only one location — move around and the number will increase exponentially. With that in mind, and after much consideration of a single- use beverage container ordinance that includes stipulations on cooler size, and public comments in support of the idea, the San Marcos City Council voted six to zero with one absent in support of the proposed ordinance on the first of two readings. The ordinance uses 'go' and 'no go' zones in certain parks to allow for the use of single-use containers in sections of the park while keeping them out of the river. In the previous meeting in which it was on the agenda on Jan. 16, council provided direction to staff as to what the specifics of the ordinance would entail.


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