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Implications of local San Marcos fish species loss

A highly specialized fish, home to only San Marcos, was recently removed from the Endangered Species List and classified as extinct. The protections on the San Marcos River, springs as well as Spring Lake, will not be removed due to the loss of the local Gambusia. According to the Meadows Center for the Water and Environment website, the Upper San Marcos River is one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the southwestern U.S. that still contains seven endangered species.

Shaping molten metal into art

Beverly Penn instructs her class at Texas State University
Daily Record photo by Shannon West

Shaping molten metal into art
Shaping molten metal into art

Top, cast succulent and critters by Gerlyn Friesenhahm. Above, Student Sarah Carter pours the investment [plaster] in the mold for lost wax casting.
Daily Record photos by Shannon West

Shaping molten metal into art

Art uses a variety of different mediums to evoke an emotional response in the viewer. One of its forms involves fire and molten metal and is certainly not for the faint of heart. Texas State University has a metals program in their fine arts department and Distinguished Professor Emeritus Beverly Penn is teaching art students to utilize a torch in order to make precious metals even more appealing.

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Wearing masks for the band, Attic Ted, is a San Marcos tradition.
Photo by Christopher Paul Cardoza

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Attic Ted's Grady Roper plays the clarinet.
Photo by Rebekah Anne Porter

Masks and music spur creative duo

A local band utilizes cardboard masks to create quirky characters that have become a staple of their performances–so much so that the crowd now dons the masks as well–dancing freely with the anonymity that a face-covering affords.

Board votes no to chaplains as school counselors

The San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District board of trustees decided against hiring chaplains to perform the duties of a school counselor at the regularly scheduled meeting Monday. Senate Bill 763 was recently passed by the Texas Legislature, which according to the Texas Legislature online website, states that a school district may employ a chaplain instead of a school counselor to perform the duties required of a school counselor under this title.


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