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Trainees from the Gary Job Corps arts and crafts department stitched blankets for Alzheimer’s patients at Hays Nursing and Rehab Center. They have also donated blankets to other local nursing homes and made dresses made from pillowcases for young girls in many African countries. Betty Harris, arts and crafts instructor, has been teaching for the past 10 years; along with the other activities that students do during the off-class hours, e.g: painting , pottery, scrapbooking and string art. Pictured from Gary Job Corps are Center Director Patty Lankford, Deputy Director Rafeal Marzan, staff Todd Watson, students Marcus Henrico, Natalie Saldana, Jaryn Sawyers, and Jordan Bedford, along with Harris, Rhonda Levin and Ester Valdez from Hays Nursing. Gary Job Corps photo

Blankets for Alzheimer’s patients